About QCAP

Mom and son readingQuincy Community Action Programs, Inc. (QCAP) is a leading private nonprofit organization in the Greater Quincy area dedicated to reducing poverty and helping low-income households achieve financial stability and security.

Incorporated in 1965, QCAP serves more than 22,000 unduplicated individuals annually. Our service area includes Quincy, Weymouth, Braintree, Milton, Hull, and more than 80 surrounding Norfolk County, South Shore, and Metro Boston communities.

QCAP delivers multiple services that are designed to support people in crisis, as well as provide low-income households with a path for reaching economic self-sufficiency. QCAP's programs are focused on:

  • Preserving existing and creating new affordable housing options
  • Improving the energy efficiency of low-income households
  • Preparing young children for success in school and beyond
  • Providing parents with quality early education and care options so they can work or pursue education and training
  • Helping adults improve their education and job skills so they can get good jobs that pay a living wage
  • Supporting households in crisis and working with them to stabilize their living situation
  • Helping adults manage their money and save towards an asset such as a home, education or small business
  • Helping low income individuals and families increase their incomes and move towards financial stability and security

QCAP is one of 23 community action agencies in Massachusetts. For more information, visit: Massachusetts Association for Community Action - MASSCAP.

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