Tenant & Landlord Services

Housing First Counseling

Housing should be available to all members of our community. Tenants and landlords need to know about their rights and responsibilities to avoid costly disputes and ensure successful tenancies. QCAP provides a number of Housing Counseling Services including:

  • Information about tenant rights
  • Tenant/landlord mediation services
  • Counseling regarding eviction or loss of subsidy
  • Assistance with appeals if you are turned down for housing
  • Limited emergency rental assistance

A representative from QCAP is at the Quincy District Court for Summary Process Evictions each Thursday. That representative serves as an advocate and informal mediator.

Call (617) 479-8181 x376 to be screened for any of these services.

Housing Search

QCAP offers Affordable Housing Workshops at least monthly. These workshops teach participants about the various types of low-income and subsidized housing and how to apply. Assistance with sending out applications is also provided. To learn more and to register, please call (617) 479-8181.

QCAP also assists with completing and sending out low-income and subsidized housing applications to anyone who has attended the Affordable Housing Workshop. In certain situations, the workshop attendance requirement can be waived.

QCAP does not provide housing search assistance for those looking for market rate units.